2016 Archived Resources


  • Webinar: Preparing for the 2016 EAVS

    August 31, 2016 — An expert panel offers practical advice on how states can prepare for the 2016 EAVS, reviews key issues associated with each section of the survey, and discusses the importance of EAVS data. Panelists include EAC Commissioner Matt Masterson, FVAP Director Matt Boehmer, former San Diego County Registrar of Voters Deborah Seiler, and Fors Marsh Group Subject Matter Expert Dr. Thad Hall.

  • Webinar: The 2016 EAVS Process

    December 5, 2016 — Sean Greene from the EAC and Dr. Thad Hall from Fors Marsh Group discuss the timeline and key dates for the 2016 EAVS, the resources available to help you to complete the survey, and how the EAC will be reporting the 2016 EAVS data.

  • Uploading and Downloading Files on the EAVS Project Portal

  • Data Entry Template Form View Training Video

  • Data Entry Template Worksheet View Training Video

  • Data Aggregation Template Training Video

  • A Closer Look: Section A

  • A Closer Look: Section B

  • A Closer Look: Section C

  • A Closer Look: Section D

  • A Closer Look: Section E

  • A Closer Look: Section F