Privacy Statement

Information Collected

If you visit our website to read or download information, we collect statistical information for site management purposes. We use this information to determine interest in various areas of the site and to monitor system performance. We collect and store the following information:

  • Your public IP address
  • Your browser version
  • The date and time you accessed the site
  • The website resource you accessed

Cookie Use Notice

A cookie is a small piece of text placed on a client computer by this website’s server when the client first visits the site. This text is subsequently used by the server to personalize the client browsing experience, track client page clicks for statistical purposes, etc. In technical terms, a cookie allows the stateless HTTP protocol to maintain client state.

There are two types of cookies – a "session" cookie that is stored in your computer’s primary memory and deleted when you close your browser, and a "persistent" cookie that is stored on your hard drive and is available to the server even after you close and reopen your browser.

This website uses only session cookies, however, no cookies used by this website ever store any information that may be used to identify you personally.